Afercoin AFR currently available for trade at all ethereun based exchanges such as EtherDelta McAfeeExchange etc. Soon will be added to more exchanges and to UniWsap.

You can buy, sell Afercoins at available exchanges and can also buy from this platform or directly from token sale address.

After you sent ETH/USDT to Token Sale address you will receive Afercoins to the same address you sent ETH/USDT from within 24hours.

Token Sale Price $0.10/AFR

Initial Coin Offering price is $0.10 per Afercoin.

Minimum Buy 1000AFR

Minimum amount of Afercoin you can buy from Token Sale is 1000AFR = $100.

Maximum Buy 100000AFR

Maximum amount of Afercoin you can buy from Token Sale is 100000AFR = $10000.

Token Sale Address

Token Sale address 0xc9650Cf15C62d5957374aDe0B4d6b16fa2414461 where you can send ETH/USDT min. worth $100 to buy Afercoin.

Token Sale Starts (2nd Round)

Token Sale start from 01 June 2021 00:00:00 UTC.

Token Sale Ends

Token Sale ends on 31 June 2021 23:59:59 UTC.


Wallets for Afercoin

Video tutorial for creating Ethereum wallet for Afercoin.


Buy Afercoin

Video tutorial how to buy Afercoins.


Invest Afercoin

Video tutorial about how to invest Afercoin with us for profiting.