Terms & Conditions

01. Cryptocoin transactions are non-revertable by nature, you may lose your coins for good if sent to wrong address or wrong chain and it will be impossible to recover, so be cautious while sending coins to other address make sure the blockchain/wallet is correct and double-check wallet address before transfer.

02. Like Bitcoin and other cryptocoins Afercoin is also a peer2peer payment currency on experimental base without any guarantee or warranty of it's future value or use.

02. Cryptocoins are valued by markets and users they may become worthless or 0 value in future so Afercoin also may become worthless or 0 value in future and we or no other third-party guaranty of refund or return.

03. In some juridictions buying, trading or holding of cryptocoins are prohibited so please find about rules and regulation of cryptocoins in your juridiction before buying or holding Afercoins.

04. Afercoin is ERC20 Smart Contract based token can only be transact via ethereum blockchain and transaction fee (gas) may be vary time to time on ethereun chain.

05. Afercoins can only be stored at any ethereum token supported wallet.

06. Afercoins stored at any official ethereum supported wallets or any other third-party wallet are completely at your own risk, we or any third-party will not take responsibility for missing coins or hacked or coins lost from wallet.

07. Delay in Afercoin transaction from one wallet to another may cause due to low transaction fee (gas) or load on network or may delay for any other cause and Afercoin team or any other third-party has no resposibility for it.

08. We reserve the rights to change in our terms, conditions and privacy policy anytime without any prior notifications to users.